Jude Nelson Freeman Mosaics
Japanese narrative mosaics: hand painted porcelain, matt ceramic, English china, Satsuma ware, bronze, silver and gold gilded glass. Each piece is cut to fit its own place in the design and the surface is not grouted, but deliberately left uneven, allowing the mosaic to animate as it catches the light.
Deconstructed cityscapes: Firenze and Venezia; vintage Italian plates, gold and bronze gilded glass
Jude Nelson Freeman Mosaics

Jude's mosaics are intricate, made from a diverse range of materials chosen for their exquisite quality, patterns or texture. They are mounted on board and protected by perspex bolted at each corner for a clean, modern look.

If you are interested in buying a mosaic and would like to know what is currently available, please contact Jude via the Contact Page.

You can also commission your own piece.

Prices: £400 - £600.

If you’d like to be informed about future shows please give me your contact details.


Landscapes: 45cm x 9cm (framed 64cm x 21cm)

Abstracts: 20cm x 20cm (framed 43cm x 43cm)

Abstracts: Rare Earths, Jaipur, Acqua. These are about colour, texture and line. Made from stone, marble, raku pottery, mother of pearl, semi precious stones and minerals, Satsuma ware, hand painted ceramic, Venetian enamelled glass smalti, paua shell, gold, silver, bronze gilded glass

Winter Cranes, Stork Island, Red Pagoda, Jade Forest, Blue Lake, Blue Kimono